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so i have heard good shit about other sites for journals.
and since no one really is on this on i might have to take the laep and use a differnt one, because i really want to post journals.
but mmm i love life : )
my boyfriend is wonderful.
my brother is like my best friend again.
and kaaappy is my bessstest.
damn things are just wonderful.
: )
So i am on vacation with my bro dad and his gf.
at first i didnt want to go cause i was leaving my friends.
but honestly it has been a pretty great time.
haha jokeing around and chilling with erik has been wicked fun.

Finding random ass sesh spots is funny too.
we found one that was fucking sweeet.

I think ill upoad pics to here when i get home.
but haha its been a pretty good time but im ready to go home
and sessssh hardcore.

i miss my home life.
sad but trueee

Peace out Fayetteville-Manlius, its been a long 11 years, you;ve been good to me and you've been shitty to me, but goodbye.

I actually did it : ), i did. I can not believe it.

Yesterday was the perfect way to end my favorite year, this year has been a blast, i have met so many new friends, i have become closer to my family. I love it. Many freinds have turned into family.

Well, Peace and Love♥
Im pretty fucking happy with my life.
In 5 days i wil be done with highschool, its pretty nuts if you ask me.

Things with someone are great<3

but theres one thing that bothers me wicked bad and i have already freaked out once about it, and its about to blow up cause im fucking sick of it. Oh you'll know soon.

well i dont know what to say cause yeah : )
I dont recollect much these past days.
but i know its beena great weekend.

Im about as happy as the walmart symbol with my life right now.

things are going back to how they were before.
im lovin it.

I cant evan describe my life right now : )

i dont even know.
Where does the time go?
Damn, i remeber being a freshman in high school the other day, and now im 14 school days away from being out of high school. Its so unreal.
I dont feel like im gonna be done, and i dont feel like going through more school.. but its somthing i gotta do : )
so anyways i have realized that i love my senior year, this year has honestly been pretty fucking amzing if i do say so myself. I thoguht it would suck cause mike, maria, kim, matt and others left the high schol and went away to college or moved.
But honsetly this year was fineee without them.
Dont get me wrong i love them and missed them, although i got to see my lovah kim a lot still so thats why it was good for seeing her.
but i had huge doubts that this year would suck, even after emma and i decided not to be friends.

But i was wrong.
I have learned so much about everything this year.
I have learned things about myself, people, things, actions, feelings, moods.
Im very very content with my life.

I have stoped talking to a number of people, people that i used to talk to and say were friends i dont bother with anymore. Hell even a band i used to love has turned into what everyone knew it would. and that fucking sucks but hey whatever such is life.

In the past month i have made of of the best friends i think i'll ever have. He's is honestly like my best friend, sucks now cause its getting taken away.
everything everyone does will have a concequence and sometimes its effects other more then they willl thinkkkk.

But Yeah : )

im a little bit nervous about graduating, but so excited to get the fuck out of that schoool.

well if you read all that i love you, cause i was just thinking about school almost being over and this year, and how much i;ve grown and what not. ♥